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One of the best ways to ensure good air quality in your home is to have proper ventilation. Ventilation helps to remove moisture, odors, smoke, and other pollutants from your home. With structural ventilation, you are able to keep appropriate levels of heat in your attic, control dampness in your crawlspace or basement, and keep moisture from building up inside of your walls.

How To Improve Your Indoor Ventilation

When moisture builds up, your home can experience condensation which sticks to surfaces and causes mold to grow. Mold growth causes poor air quality and makes it unsafe to breathe the air in your own living environment, so it’s important to take measures to prevent this from happening with good ventilation equipment. You can utilize your exhaust system for your stove to remove unwanted odors, moisture, and bad smells from your home. You can also use your exhaust system in your bathroom to remove moisture when taking hot showers and baths. You can naturally ventilate your home when you open windows and doors to let stale air out and fresh air inside.

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