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It’s absolutely essential to change your air filters regularly when using your HVAC equipment. The air filters are able to improve the air quality in your home by collecting all the contaminants, dust, and dirt that flow through the air. When you use high quality air filters, you can even pull harmful pathogens, bacteria, and mold spores from the air, effectively improving your air quality with less of a risk of becoming sick at home.

When to Replace Your Air Filters

Air filters do not only improve the air quality, however they protect your HVAC equipment. The air filter will make sure dust and debris does not build up inside of your HVAC equipment which can cause numerous problems and lower the longevity of your system. Of course, as you use your HVAC, dust and debris will accumulate on your air filter and hinder airflow throughout your system. With blocked airflow, your HVAC equipment will be at risk of overheating and experiencing other issues. A lot of damage can be done with blocked airflow and when your system overheats, crucial components can be damaged such as the heat exchanger which prevents carbon monoxide from entering into our homes. With such an issue, you might have to replace your whole HVAC system prematurely which is very costly, so you’ll want to avoid such issues by simply replacing your air filter regularly.

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