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While it’s important to protect your outdoor AC condenser unit throughout the winter season, there are right ways to do it and wrong ways to do it. Many people think it’s a good idea to wrap their AC condenser unit in plastic or secure it entirely with a tarp. The thing is, this creates a welcoming environment for critters who want to keep warm and also creates condensation and can lead to early corrosion and rust.

How To Protect Your AC System

Instead of using plastic to cover your AC condenser unit, you should place a piece of plywood on the top to protect the fan. With suitable weights placed on the top, the piece of plywood will safely remain in place and protect your condenser unit from falling icicles or other debris throughout the winter season. You won’t have to worry about your system rusting early or other issues with critters trying to find a warm place in the winter season.

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Your AC system is also vulnerable to low voltage that can be caused by external causes such as lightning strikes or surges in your electrical system. One of the best ways to make sure your AC equipment is running properly and safely is to have it checked before every season and have it tuned up properly. It’s also important to use a surge protector to make sure your AC equipment is not damaged by surges in electricity. If you want to learn more about how to protect your AC equipment in Spotsylvania, King George, Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Colonial Beach, make sure to give R. K. Payne, Inc. a call today! Our experts are highly trained and know all the details about maintaining AC equipment so that it will last and continue to work safely for you!

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